Transportation and Travelling Around Egypt


Will it be easy for me to find transportation from the Cairo Airport to other destination in the city?

There are several transportation means from the Cairo Airport. The fastest and easiest is to take a taxi. The moment you step out of the airport, you will find many taxi drivers asking if you need a lift. The new white taxis, which uses a sufficient kilometer counter, would be a good choice if you are going anywhere around Cairo. It is advisable to avoid riding in the old black and white colored taxies as they don’t use counters and the drivers will always ask for an exaggerated fare.
There is also the luxurious limousine service that the Cairo Airport offers to the guests of Egypt which would be sometimes more expensive than other transportation means.
Furthermore, there is the air conditioned bus that goes from the Cairo Airport to downtown almost every 20 minutes and its cheap and comfortable but carrying luggage in this bus is highly unadvisable as there is no special place for them in the bus.

Is it a good idea to take the train from Cairo to far destinations in Egypt like Aswan?
Generally speaking, the overall standard of the railways service in Egypt is pretty good. The Egyptian railway network connects the Nile Valley, the Delta, the Suez Canal, and the North Coast in the summer all together.
Because of the high prices of domestic flights in Egypt that would sometimes do not suit the budget travelers, it is always recommended to take the sleeping train from Cairo to Aswan or Luxor. There are some trains that are specified for tourists and they move from Cairo at 9 PM and arrive in Luxor in around 4 in the morning and in Aswan around 7 in the morning. These trains are comfortable and the guests will be offered a private cabin and a hot dinner.