10 days spent exploring the historical highlights of Egypt. Visiting the best sights in Cairo before relax on a Nile Cruise.

Day 1
Arrive Cairo International Airport (please advise your exact international flight details: air-carrier name, flight number and arrival time after booking you flight tickets) upon arrival you will be met by Our steward with the sign of your name Then drive you by private air-conditioned car to your hotel, and assist you to check-in, overnight in Cairo.

Day 2
After breakfast you will be driven by private A/C car to visit with Egyptology guide Giza pyramid each Pyramid is a tomb dedicated to a different king of Egypt. The embalmed body of the king was entombed within the pyramid to protect it and allow his transformation and ascension to the afterlife, and a place among the gods. This Ancient Egyptian necropolis consists of the Pyramid of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. This necropolis also included the Sphinx It stand sentinel for the pharaoh’s entire tomb complex. then visit Memphis city it is the oldest capital of Egypt, was built by king Menes. then visit Saqqara pyramid is considered an evolution in the concept of pyramids from the simple mastaba to the pyramid in it’s present shape.

P M : Sound and light shows
These thoughts of curiosity has inspired artists to take you there, for a brief period, through the creation of sound & light shows. You can get a glimpse back in time to see, feel, and imagine how it was when the powerful ancient Egyptians ruled. then drive you back to your hotel. overnight in Cairo.

Day 3
After breakfast you will be driven by private A/C car to visit with Egyptology guide Salah Al-din Citadel Salah el-din built this fortress to protect the old city of Cairo. the visitors must be wondering at the wonderful weather and the pure air and they can easily imagine the soldiers in the towers and on top of the walls. Inside citadel established Alabaster mosque which dazzled by these wonderful colored decorations in the walls. then visit The Hanging church It has 110 icons on one side, the icons of the Virgin Mary, Archangle Gabriel and St Peter is lined up. There is a baptistery, which is a deep basin of reddish granite. then visit Ibn tulun mosque It incorporates a number of unique features, such as the external spiral staircase of the unusual minaret. then visit Khan el Khalili It is the oldest Egyptian market for handmade crafts for copper, jewelers and .etc and you have your time to buy all you need and spend your time in the Egyptians cafes. overnight in Cairo.

Day 4
Fly to Aswan. upon your arrival Our steward will be waiting for you and drive you by private A/C car to your Nile cruise and assist you for embarkation. Then you will visit with guide Karnak temple This temple includes many singular temples, dedicated to Amun, his wife (Mut), and their son (khonsu), the moon deity. The temple starts with the avenue of the Rams. then visit Luxor temple The sphinxes along the road to the temple. Beyond the court is the Hypostyle Hall containing 32 columns in four rows. overnight on board.

Day 5
After breakfast you will visit with guide Valley of the kings and chambers for favorite nobles as well as the wives and children of both nobles and pharaohs. then visit the temple of queen Hatshepsut It was built by Queen Hatshepsut, the great queen of the 18th dynasty. Inside it she depicts the details of the expedition of punt which she sent to the land of punt to bring the insect trees from there. then visit The Colossi of Memnon The Northern statue depicts Amenhotep III with his mother, Mutemwia, while the southern statue is of Amenhotep III with his wife, Tiy and one of his daughters. then the cruise sail to Esna. then sail to Edfu. overnight on board.

Day 6
After breakfast you will visit with guide Horus Temple it is one of the most beautiful and preserved temples in Egypt towards the river. Hours story is the most dramatic story in the world, in which god Osoris (hours father) is murdered and dismembered by his brother Seth. Isis (hours mother) searched for his fragments and collected them together and with her magic powers brought Osoris back to life and finally hours came to life. then the cruise sail to Kom Ombo to visit the temple of Sobek & Haroeris is very unusual it was dedicated to two deities (Sobek & Haroeris), each with their own associated chambers and sanctuaries. then the cruise sail to Aswan. overnight on board.

Day 7
After breakfast you will visit with guide The high dam The world famous Aswan High Dam It provides irrigation and electricity for the entire country of Egypt. The dam mitigated the effects of dangerous floods. then visit Philae Temple The temple dedicated to the goddess Isis, is in a beautiful setting which has been landscaped to match its original site. Its various shrines and sanctuaries, which include The Vestibule of Nectanebos which is used as the entrance to the island in the Nile River. overnight on board.

Day 8
Disembarkation after breakfast. then you will be driven by private A/C car to Abu Simble visit with private guide Abu simble temple it contains anther temple for her beloved wife (nefertari). as well as most magnificent monuments in the world. The inner chamber contains a number of images interrelating the royal couple and the gods. To the north smaller temple of Nefertari Ramses’ wife and the goddess Hathor. then drive you to airport to fly to cairo , arrival and overnight at you hotel.

Day 9
Breakfast . then you have free day at leisure OPTIONAL over day Alexandria by private A/C car to visit with private guide Castle of qaitbay it was a lighthouse that was originally one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. then visit Catacombs of Kom alshuqafa This is the most extensive Roman communal burial place in Alexandria. It consists of an entrance with a spiral staircase leading to the tombs themselves. then visit Roman museum the museum contains hundreds of precious antiques. then visit pompey’s pillar it is a huge granite pillar, about 27 ms high, dates from the third century amidst the remaining relics of the serapium. then visit Montazah gardens This green space is surrounded by beautiful gardens, Palm trees and filled with beautiful flowers and gazelles cover the area. Then drive you back to Cairo. overnight in Cairo.

Day 10
Breakfast at hotel. Then drive you by private a/c car to Cairo international for final departure. Wish you happy flight back.


Price includes
– 5 nights accommodation in Cairo. Based on bed & breakfast, 4 stars hotel
– 4 nights accommodation at Nile cruise. Based on bed & breakfast & lunch & dinner, 5 stars nile cruises
– All Sightseeing as mentioned in the Program.
– Entrance Fees During all Sightseeing.
– All Transportation as Mentioned in the Program.
– Professional Egyptology English speaking.
– Service Charge and Taxes.

Price excludes
– Domestic flights Cairo/Aswan-Luxor/Cairo
– Over day Alexandria.
– International flights
– All items not mentioned in the above program
– Visas if required
– Items of a personal nature


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