Hotels in Egypt


What is the check in and check out time in the hotels in Egypt?
The same as many hotels all around the globe, the check in time in almost all the hotels in Egypt would be at mid day, either at 12 or at 1 o’clock at noon. If the tourist arrives in the hotel late at night or in the early morning, he will have to pay for an extra night to get to his room immediately without having to wait until noon time.

What are the different types of accommodation packages in the hotels in Egypt?
The hotels in Egypt have the same types of accommodation that can be found anywhere else in the world and sometimes the same hotel may have different accommodation packages. This includes “Bed and Breakfast, where the guests are only offered the breakfast meal, “Half Board”, where guests are offered breakfast and lunch, “Full Board”, where guests are offered breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and “All Inclusive”, where guests are offered the three meals, drinks, sometimes snacks and ice cream in between, and in some certain cases this includes alcoholic beverages as well. The tourists can choose the accommodation packages that best suit their needs.